The style factory

The creative core of the company is the design office, which we like to call the “Style Factory” for the support it gives to our customers’ creative process. Starting from the embryo of an idea, a spark, a suggestion, we share with our customers a path that gives shape and colour to the original inspiration, transforming it into an entire collection with insight, experience and energy.

Tayloring and Technology

The magic of the garments we produce for our customers comes from a wise mix of fine tailoring and technological tools: CAD systems for the development of models, an internal cutter for the manual drafting of new generation automatic cutting.
We can also carry out a single stage of the manufacturing process of the garment, to meet all the productive needs of the customer.

Shaping the Design

To meet the most creative needs, we have established a network of partners that can perform specialized activities: pleats, embroidery, prints and thermo-taping, which we manage in every step.
This allows us to obtain an infinite range of solutions, offering the customer a finished garment that fully expresses the essence of the initial inspiration.