Our Vision

The purpose of our work goes beyond the quality of the garments, which we guarantee with a proven control protocol.
It goes beyond the attention given to every detail that we, like our customers, take for granted, since it is the very essence of our work.
The purpose for us, is born from the pride of being a small Italian company, which has earned the trust of major international fashion brands and is committed every day to reconfirming it.

Concept Collection

We create the collections of major fashion houses, but we also love the synergies with emerging designers, from which highly intense innovative projects are born.
When we fall in love with an original idea, the customer’s dreams become ours: Capsule Collection, Limited Edition, Green and BIO projects with fabrics in biological and natural fibres.

Our Passion

We grew up among fabrics, models and mannequins, scissors, needle and thread: starting to work for the family company was a natural choice.
We love this world: it is not only our job, it is a lifestyle choice that leads us to visit trade fairs and industry events, find new suppliers, discover fabrics, materials and innovative processes. Therefore, we can be on the same wavelength of the most creative designers and ensure the highest quality in design and production.